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Proofreading and editing


Good text conveys the meaning clearly and unambiguously, it is orthographically and grammatically correct. Proofreading can actually precede translation when the source text is not quite clearly understandable. It is particularly important to highlight the need for checking the source text when it will be used for publication by any means. Good results are guaranteed by repeatedly reviewing the text. Proofreading is always done by a different competent person, not the translator of the text.


High quality text is achieved by closely linked proofreading and editing. Editing involves checking that the translation corresponds to the source text, verifying the terminology (content editing), wording, phrasing, style etc. (linguistic editing). We can also provide proofreading and editing as separate services.

Repeated reviewing – assured quality

In the case of a formatted text the primary proofreading and editing are done with the so-called work files, then the text is formatted according to the existing design/layout or a new one is created for the project. After this stage the text needs to be reviewed again. As agreed with the customer we will also implement any required corrections and additions to the translation memory and termbase. In case there are any changes to the text after the design and layout stage, the design service fees will be added to the proofreading cost on a timed basis. Final pre-release review is always done before the materials are delivered to the client. In case the text is to be printed we always recommend ordering a pre-print verification. This will be many times cheaper for the client than having the materials printed again. This service is included in the package when ordering full service (translation, design/layout, and printing).